Kont (Count) Szchenyi Fire Brigade Museum

The Brigade was an indispensable department of the Ottoman Empire from the 18th century’s first quarter to establishment of the Republic. Abdülaziz invited Hungarian Count Odön Szechenyi to Istanbul to establish a proper brigade after the big event occurred in 1871. As a reward for his work Odön Szechenyi was bestowed with the title “Pasha” in 1880. The was originally opened in 1932, but re-opened in its present in 1992, after many objects were collected and repaired within the main Brigade headquarters in Fatih district. The name of Odön Szechenyi was given to in 1998. The covers the history of firefighting in Istanbul starting with the water pumpers of Ottoman times, and its collection contains items such as  Davud-u Hakiki’s Pump with pergola from 1714, pumps, steam pumps and car pumps from 1800’s, firefighters uniforms, fireman’s axes, leather buckets and various photographs of some major fire events.

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İtfaiye Cad. No: 9 Fatih, İstanbul
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