Kadıköy is large and cosmopolitan district of the city. It's located along the Sea of Marmara, and facing the historic peninsula on the European side. It is one of the oldest district on Asian side. It changed in hands over and over. Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders and Turks has ruled Kadıköy. The last time, it came into Ottoman Hands in 1353 after badly damaged during the . During Ottoman period, Kadiköy was a popular market for agriculture goods and also was a summer resort for ruler class of Ottoman Empire. In time, it developed into a residential and inhabited by Armenians, Greeks, Jews and Turks.

Kadıköy is modest alternative district. It doesn't offer as much nightlife as Beyoğlu. Stores start to close severally after midnight. Visitors leave and residents go their homes. Very few people go on drinking on the narrow or along the shore of . Kadıköy also doesn't offer shopping as much as Nişantaşı nor historical buildings like old peninsula. However, you never notice that feature because Kadıköy always keeps you busy with something.

Kadıköy has many narrow filled with cafes, bars and restaurants. Osmancık Street and Kadife Street (Bars Street) are very famous. You can find many bars, offering different type of music) along the streets.

Kadıköy has its own features which keep you busy. One of them is heading for from Kadıköy Market. Kadıköy Market starts with fish mongers. Güneşli Bahçe Street is always busy by raki drinking . There're many fish restaurants along the street where you can have a delicious fish along with raki. Mühürdar Street is home for bookstores, and if you're looking for second-hand book stores, Akmar Passage is place for you. There're many second-hand bookstores inside of the passage. If you like second hand things or , you should along the Tellalzade Street. Moda is an old, quiet, cosmopolitan and pleasant residential neighbourhood in Kadıköy. There're many churches, well-known schools, a small attractive theatre in Moda. There's also tea garden with the sea view at the end of the Moda Street. Below tea garden, there's shore of Moda where many people lay down on the green, have a walk along the sea and some sit on rocks beside the sea and drink. Definitely, shore of Moda is one of the most peaceful area in Kadıköy.

Long shopping street Bağdat Avenue heads east and there're many neighbourhoods between the avenue and coast. There were many summer houses and mansions for the city's upper middle class. In time, they were demolished and replaced with modern apartment buildings. The streets behind the coast in areas are lined with numerous bars and cafes.

line to European side is situated next to railway station.

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34710 Kadıköy, İstanbul
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Photo Credits: Emre Ergin