Güngören, being one of the smallest districts, is located on the European side of Istanbul, consists 11 neighbourhoods. Population density is very high in the district due to rapid increase after 1950s. Although population was not more than 300 in 1950s, it is more than 300,000 right now. Mostly preferred by families, majority of residents here are highly conservative. Güngören has nothing special except a few shopping malls and neighbourhood of called Merter which is the hub for trade.

Merter is most famous neighbourhood of Güngören. Merter was a small village which had nothing more than vineyards and fields in 1950s. First, Merter was established for woodsman. Idea was to create huge economical area for woodsman and make them gather in Merter area. But, woodsman disesteem Merter and refused to gather. Then, it became an area for textile factories.

Now, Merter is textile centre of the city and its well-known area in the world. Its contribution to the economy is very important. Merter provides 40% of textile exportation of Turkey with its numerous small and big workshops. In the evening, population is around 80,000 and during daytime it increases up to 300,000. Recently, Merter is changing. In addition to be the textile centre it is becoming an open-air shopping centre, too. Numerous visitors visit Merter and spend their all day shopping around. The reason why Merter attracts so many visitors is the area offers too many options with reasonable prices.

If you want to have a look at Merter, access is very simple. Easiest way to go there by metrobus and metro. There are also lines of buses and dolmush (dolmuş) buses passing from the district.

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