Snow Blankets Istanbul: Best Snow Shots from Magical City

İstanbul has officially embraced winter as of January 6, 2017, and the city has turned white all over. The harshest one among those of past twenty years, this year's snow […]

İstanbul has officially embraced as of January 6, 2017, and the has turned white all over. The harshest one among those of past twenty years, this year's snow has halted daily life to a great extent. Affected by the snow in the worst way possible, drivers in TEM highway had to wait for more than ten hours, having to spend the night inside their cars. Some busses have taken a different route, going along the main roads and avoiding side streets. A freighter going from Black Sea to Sea of Marmara almost hit the coastline, coming within an inch of leading to a disaster. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported so far. To prevent further complications by such an intense downfall, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality has announced that metro will run until 6 a.m. and additional trips will be added to metrobus service.

On the other hand, snow has created picturesque sceneries, and we have complied the most cinematic, touchy, and romantic photos of snowy İstanbul.

A little fox who apparently had trouble finding food descended among people in Maslak, İstanbul. First bewildered by the uninvited guest, the crowd later on fed the fox.

Snow in İstanbul has given Sophia an epic look.

Snow has turned İstanbul into such a cold place that even our little friends could not endure it. So they were given shelter inside various buildings.

A couple enjoying snow with the Maiden's Tower at the background.

It was not only us trying to capture the beauty of snow in İstanbul.

Some parts in İstanbul now take one to the of fairy-tales. The surreal imagery justifies exotic descriptions of the .

Such a nice place to enjoy the , İstanbul harbours all the gifts of within its core.

The contrast of snow white with colourful makes the side streets of İstanbul look like a place from the dreamland.

Snow, defoliated trees, a long path, and a companion to share your walk with: is there any better way of enjoying the winter?

Snow is never an excuse for disarrangement.

Feel confined? Just get to Galata Tower and watch the city.

Even cliché poses become original when you are in İstanbul, facing Galata Tower through the snowy streets.

Same places gain different moods in different seasons in İstanbul. Do you know the name of this place, and what feelings does it inspire in you in different seasons?

An umbrella can become ultra-functional in İstanbul.

Railroad junctions could make one a thinker when weather condition is appropriate.

Photo Credits: DHA

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