İstanbul Medeniyet University

Istanbul Medeniyet is a public founded on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It includes 11 faculties,2-year undergraduate schools and 4 institutes.

Legislative Foundation

Istanbul Medeniyet was founded pursuant to law no. 6005 which is published on 21 July 2010 under the no. 27648 in the official gazette.

ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 127- A new university, under the name of Istanbul Medeniyet University, was founded in Istanbul. It includes 11 faculties, 2 graduate schools and 4 institutes. Our President Prof. Dr. Hamit Okur was assigned by the President of Turkish Republic, Abdullah Gül from among the nominees proposed by YOK (Higher Education Council). The resolution was published in 27781 numbered and 10 December 2010 dated official gazette Our is a public located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

The hereby includes:

a) Faculty of Engineering and affiliated to Presidency; Faculty of Art and Design; Faculty of Arts and Humanities; Faculty of Science; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Political Sciences; Faculty of Educational Sciences; Faculty of Aviation and Sciences; Medical Faculty; Faculty of Sciences; and Faculty of Tourism

b) Newly founded Civil Aviation Graduate School and School of Foreign Languages, affiliated to the Presidency,

c) Newly founded Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Sciences, Institute of Sciences and Institute of Educational Sciences, affiliated to the Presidency.

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