Kadıköy 101

You've definitely heard of Kadıköy, maybe even before you arrived at Istanbul. It is for sure the best place to live in constantinople. And no, I have never lived anywhere […]

You've definitely heard of Kadıköy, maybe even before you arrived at Istanbul. It is for sure the best to live in . And no, I have never lived anywhere else that allows me to make a comparison but I am still pretty sure.

I arrived at Istanbul in night time and the impact of an awesome Kadıköy night life just stroke me. I was stoned! The first days I warn you not to leave the alone though, it can be tricky. Catia KadikoyThe are so confusing at first that you get lost really easily. And I mean this – really lost – but nothing better than help from a Turkish though. You start to fell in love with the area when you discover that you basically can find everything – and I really mean everything. You just need to find the right street. If you want sun get out of the ; if you need beer you to the street; if you want to find an eczane (pharmacy) just open your eyes; if you want to eat a simit just go to the street; if you want fresh fish go to the market, … basically don't stay at home.

One of the best things I felt in Kadıköy was the feeling that I started to build my five month of live here. Catia Kadikoy 02I started to go to the same coffee to work, named Mombacino, in Moda, and after three weeks they were already allowing me to lend dome book from their selves. Since I am vegetarian I discovered the awesomeness of çiğ köfte in my first few days and I can tell you Rhamasan from Hüseyin Usta is the best. He know how I like my çiğ köfte and he makes it to perfection (acılı with lots of tomatoes, lemon juice, parsley and mint), and even if we couldn't communicate perfectly, with hand gesture and google translate you can always make a .  Without realizing it I was buying water in the same place every time I had to catch the bus at 8 am and when I noticed the salesman knew me and I knew him. A big smile and some basic Turkish can really make you feel better before doing one hour trip to university.

Catia Kadikoy 03Don't forget to find the shop where they sell portakal suyu (orange juice) near the ferry station for 1 TL, a delicious option.  When you walk around the market you should definitely let all of what's happening get to you. Don't just circumambulate! Stop, ask the prices, and talk to the locals. And if you see a little place where they sell natural yogurt with honey for 5 TL, buy it!

Don not forget to life the Turkish dream every day: unlimited tea and double in tavla (backgammon).

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