Çinili Hamam

Çinili Hamam was built in 1640 as a part of which has also a mosque, library and police office. The was built by order of Mahpeyker Kösem who was the wife of Ahmed I. Kösem Sultan gained unprecedented influence in decision-making which made her most powerful woman during 17th century. She made allies as as enemies. At the end she was murdered in 1651 at the age of 70.

Çinili Hamam is very embossed and modest one. It is still works as a Bath where you can the Bath traditions. Although the original tiles in the bath had been stolen, the owners sticked to its original concept and they used tiles while they were restorating the bath.

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Valide-i Atik Mah. 34664 Üsküdar, İstanbul
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Photo Credits: Çinili Hamam