A view over Basaksehir
A view over Basaksehir

life. Even if there are a few cafes which offer nargile and tea, you shouldn't expect to find a life in here.

Bahcesehir Pond
Bahcesehir Pond

. Also, it is favourite spot for some of the wedding photographers. You may expect to see many photographers and models whilst you visit there.

Water valley, Basaksehir/Istanbul
valley, Basaksehir

Sular Vadisi ( Valley) is another huge park located in Bahçeşehir. It has around 4km walking-track, playgrounds and many thematic water attractions. Similar to Bahçeşehir pond, some concert and events take place here, too. Usually theme of the events hosted here are more secular.

Yarımburgaz Cave is another attraction to write about Bahçeşehir district. Scientific exploration in Yarımburgaz Cave dates back to the mid-19th century. It's created by the erosive power of a subterranean on the western flank of hilly limestone formation facing the Sazlıdere River. The double mounted cave is the earliest evidence of human settlement Turkey. The upper cave was strongly modified in Byzantine times when a church was carved into its walls and a monastery constructed outside the cave entrance. The lower cave was demolished by illicit excavators or treasure seekers. If you would to learn more about Yarımburgaz Cave, reading the book titled as “History of the Sedimentary Infilling of Yarımburgaz Cave, Turkey” by William R. Farrand and Jill P. McMahon is advised.

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34480 Başakşehir, İstanbul
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