Bayrampaşa is a suburban of Istanbul. Being located on side, surrounded by Gaziosmanpaşa, Eyüp, Zeytinburnu and Esenler districts. The comprises industrial areas and the working class residents which is a result of the establishment of new factories. In this district mostly inhabited by working class one may expect to find migrants from Bosnia, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Bayrampaşa used to known as ‘Salmancılar’ until a large outbreak of cholera happened at 1970s. This epidemic illness was a result of pollution of the Ottoman-built water supplies by new buildings and factories. As so many people died in Salmancılar due to cholera, the got being quarantined. Sağmalcılar became a synonymous word with cholera that’s why was renamed as Bayrampaşa referring to the grand vizier of Ottoman Sultan 4.Murad.

Bayrampaşa houses the biggest bus of Istanbul. The main bus called ‘Esenler’ is easily reached by subway. The surrounding of this terminal is being developed by some projects commonly shopping malls such as; Carrefour, Bauhaus, Forum Istanbul, Ikea and Praktiker.

Forum Istanbul is also famous because of Istanbul-Aquarium which is the first public aquarium in Turkey. Having more than 10,000 nektons, it was the largest aquarium in Europe when it opened in 2009. If you are willing to visit, opening hours are 10am to 8pm every day. If you have museum card, entrance is free. If you don’t, it’s 25 TL for students.

Parkada (Park-island) is another multi-purpose facility area where you can spend nice time. There are many facilities cafes, restaurants, and sport areas including basketball, beach volley and tennis courts, running tracks, an amphitheatre, small zoo, Entertainment Park and a pond. Feel free to visit with your kids as this place has so many facilities to offer for people with different interests.

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34030 Bayrampaşa, İstanbul
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