Yeditepe University

In the wake of the agricultural and industrial revolutions, our world is today going through a new era that is commonly referred to as the “age of information”. Globalization is eliminating frontiers as well as drawing the markets together whilst raising competition from a regional to a global level.

In an age such as this where the content and scope of information has reached such great dimensions, there are two fundamental principles that enable institutions and states to survive and be successful: To acquire knowledge and to use and share it efficiently by means of communication technologies. In order that communication may be effective, it is imperative to master at least one foreign language, preferably English.

The service sector has an ever increasing share in the GNP of developed countries. Hence, new and highly appealing opportunities are emerging in such industries as banking, insurance, advertising, and tourism, in addition to those in the traditional prefessions.

Hence, we strive to equip our students with all the necessary skills through a modern educational system, with a view to enabling them to be successful in a fast-changing work enviroment. Our students will be provided with all the necessary information and competence by the distinguished members of the academia and expert professionals of the business world as well as through access to the most recent computer applications and the facilities of the Internet.

We believe that our graduates shall not only be in great demand in Turkey but all over the world. These graduates will be representing our country in the best possible way in the 21 st century.

Let it not be forgotten that Ataturk’s principles and the illuminating light of science and scholarship are the most effective means that will pave the way for a developed society and achieve welfare.

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