Safran Meyhane

Safran Meyhane is the first that comes to mind when talking about ı, which is one of the most prominent and shabby taverns in Kadıköy fishermen's market.

Safran Meyhane, which has a wide range of appetisers, stands out with its fast and friendly staff, who have won the hearts of their customers with their delicious appetisers, satisfying and magnificent portions, and who have grown as fast as possible. Safran Meyhane is one of the rare taverns that can be called the pupil of Kadıköy, where the food goes again and again and the first one does not want to leave. It is an elegant that does not cost much, its appetisers and are , and it always conquers hearts with its tea service.

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Osmanağa, Osmancık Sk. No:14-16/A, 34714 Kadıköy
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