In Beyoğlu in İstiklal street the smell of coffee begins to spread. For thousands of years, there has been something other than the smell of coffee that man has known. A coffee coming from the streets of this magic city is inspired by a thousand flavours and in a small cup a coffee with the strength of coffee is created. Side shop across the street; the morning girl discovers this magic separately. The delicious aroma that surrounds the shop comes from the language and reaches the country from the country. It is said that coffee boiled here is such an enchanted coffee that it foams so intensely that Mandabatmaz is on it!

The Istiklal Caddesi gets rid of cars. He loses the tram and wins it back. Cinemas, bakeries are destroyed, but Mandabatmaz is always there, and every morning hundreds of cups of coffee are served from the same time every evening until the same time. The title of the world’s best Turkish coffee has already been won.

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Asmalı Mescit, Olivya Gç. 1/A, 34430 Beyoğlu
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