Kiva Bomonti

It all began with a single pursuit! While rowing in Anatolia’s endless ocean of flavors, we discovered that this ocean was boundless and Anatolia was full of riches! This search and this desire to discover increased from minute to minute and knew no limits. While we thought about what else we could do, what else we could offer, we told ourselves why we should not have a unique concept. Since our very original flavours do not fit into books, kitchens or tables; since our conversations are endless and our love only increases, everyone is invited to the gathering of friends at Kiva Bomonti tonight. The different mezzes, created by our cook Deniz Sahin herself, remind us of the most special and ancient taverns and create enchanting tables, which are the key to sparkling conversations. Kiva Bomonti with its tavern concept in the winter garden is the new place to go in the evening for those who miss the spirit of old Istanbul! As an established address, especially for a “women’s night”, Kiva Bomonti invites everyone to the table who wants to enjoy an elitist, unforgettable and special evening. Come on; raise your glasses; to aspirations, dreams, friendship and love …

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Eski Bomonti Fabrikası 1/A, Cumhuriyet, Birahane Sk., 34380 Şişli
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