A City Which Raised Me Up

I will never forget the first time my foot touched a magical city Istanbul which as I learned in the following years taught me a lot and even raised me up. Four years ago a girl which was only 18 years old was sitting in a bus which was bringing her from Antalya to Istanbul. […]

I will never forget the first my foot touched a magical which as I learned in the following years taught me a lot and even raised me up.

Four years ago a which was only 18 years old was sitting in a bus which was bringing her from Antalya to . She just graduated from school and instead of enroll to university, she decided come to live in Turkey. It was almost a midnight when she first saw the which became her real home. As a which was born in a very small town with population of 10.000 people she was looking through the bus window and was trying to figure it out where the city is starting and where finishing out. She couldn’t understand the size of it and she was so surprise when she found out there was even few bus stops and she don’t know which one she needs to get off.

Good intuition or some of sixth sense helped to find the right stop. After half an hour a car with two boy witch she met for the first time and had no idea who they actually are came to pick her up. As she always was brave and was feeling of magnet which attracts adventures that situation seemed fine for her. She set in the car and that night she saw something amazing which until now it is the most beautiful view of Istanbul for her. Over IstanbulIt was Bosporus Sea and a bridge. Changing lights and atmosphere enchanted her so much. It was first she saw and now her all friends knows she is crazy for her Bosporus and a bridge. Even though it looked bright life in her home, she still had no plan what to do or where to live and all she did then was following her friends. It was tough time for her to adapt herself in a completely which was so different from the she grown up so in order to get along with the city, the started to discover and learn about it more. In that time she always liked to ask her friends that one and only question: “Why do you this city?” The answers she heard was all the same: “Istanbul has something that you cannot explain with the words. It is some of magic you .” The shook her head as she understood, but she never did. But after four years she finally understands this very clearly and even her for the city, that kind of magic you infiltrated in her all body and heart and now it is a place where she can and be happy.

The girl was raised up by Istanbul, because it was the place she understood who she is and what she wants and no matter that she never was able to live in this city without temporary leaving it, she used all kind of opportunities in those years such as Erasmus, Internships, holidays and so on to be here as longer as it possible. But now she feels that her curiosity turned around herself. In past she really got annoyed her friends with asking why they like this city so now she always at least one time per week must to hear question back from them: “How many times did you came to Istanbul? Aren’t you bored yet?” Now all she have to do just be nice and smile and just simply answer: “I came here 8 times and no, I am not bored yet.”

Galata TowerHow can you be bored if here is so many things to do and places to see? The fact you have an opportunity to walk through the Bosporus every single day can’t make you bored even if you are living here for decades. Or what about to stop for a tea or coffee there? Or maybe a wine near Galata Tower? Or Turkish dinner in Sultanahmet? No, still can’t make you bored for centuries. Maybe ride a bike in one of the Princess Islands? Make a shopping in a historical Grand Bazaar? What about visiting a Mosque? Or maybe beach is good idea? Or maybe breakfast at the Maiden Tower? Or just a relaxing tour from European to Asian side by a ferry? No, still can’t make you feel bored even for a millennium.

This is the story about me, girl, and her endless for her city Istanbul. She is ready to share and and city with all comers, because it is impossible to not fall involve with this place.

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