In 1905, Hacı Ahmet’s only chance to find a job for his family was leaving his home town Kaptanpaşa, Rize. So he went to a bakery in Batumi, Georgia. His hard work and ambition soon paid off and one day he bought the bakery. There he continues working until the Russian Revolution. He returns home in 1917.

Unfortunately, Hacı Ahmet was not allowed to take all his savings with him when he left Batumi in 1930. So history repeats itself, the second generation also has to leave the hometown. This time it is Mehmet Şükrü. He decides to leave Kaptanpaşa for Çekirge, Bursa, to work in a bakery.

Between 1960 and 1970, like his father and grandfather, Fikri Bey decided to leave home to find a better life for his own family. In 1962 he settles down in Eskişehir and works in a bakery. 2 years later he opens his own business there, İmren Bakery. In 1967 he takes a big step forward and is co-founder of Ayaköy Bakery in Bakırköy, Istanbul. Things don’t go as planned and eventually he separates from his partners.

In 1974 Fikri Bey does not give up on his dreams. This time he founds Emek Bakery in Bakırköy. Emek Bakery has been a school and incubator for his craft for 19 years. There he learns about competition, innovation and customer expectations. He has passed this know-how on to his children as a legacy.

In 1988, after completing their college education, the fourth generation Karals are now ready! Orhan and Ayhan Karal also start their baking journey at the bakery Ülkü in Bakırköy. Change begins with them, they bake cookies, cakes and new types of bread. They now differ from their competitors and are part of a new era.

In 1992 the Karal brothers want a new beginning – they are now looking for ways to expand their confectionery skills and reach a new horizon. As a result of this vision, the first Karafırın shop is established in Bakırköy Kartaltepe. They now have only one goal: to turn their great-grandfather’s heritage into a respected brand.

In 1996 the shop becomes a great success. Delicious pastries fly off the shelves … People are practically lining up outside. Karal Brothers now need a bigger production site. They follow their dreams like their family and decide to build a larger production site in İkitelli Organize Sanayi Sitesi with a surface area of 2000 m².

In 1998 it is now time to strive for the stars. Karafırın competes at the Malta International Food Festival with a cake composition called “Turkish Hammam”. And they win. Besides the big award for pastry, her cakes won two other awards in different categories.

In 1999 progress and perfection are her two mottos. To master their craft and gain more experience, they become members of the International Richemont Club in Austria. They still attend the most prestigious events all over Europe.

In the year 2000 all efforts and systematic work finally pay off. Karafırın is now a rising star for the franchise world. Until 2006, Karafırın is ready to share its system, which has proven itself for years, with investors. Karafırın’s first franchise store, Karafırın Caddebostan, opens its doors.

In 2005, Karafırın is looking for new concepts and finally finds one: serving hot plates as well. Thus the first restaurant-café concept store is opened in İkitelli.

At the beginning of 2008 the idea was simple: make Karafırın a meeting place, a place where people spend time together. Until 2008 it is now time to go beyond that. Creating a brand identity and an architectural concept is now the new challenge. The motto “Let’s drink tea” stands for a brand that is so intimate and warm. And the logo, a Caucasian wood grouse, stands for the proud family history and commitment to its roots.

In 2010 Karafırın continues to adapt its business to the new production technology and changes customer expectations as always. In 2010 3 new innovative products will be launched: Photo chocolate, homemade Italian ice cream “Gelato” and light “Sultan” desserts.

To increase the number of shops, Karafırın 2018 decides to try a new concept: The Mall Store. This concept would allow the franchise to increase the number of stores without taking up much space. The first kiosk store is opened in the Cevahir Mall.

In 2020, the brand will cross borders due to increasing demand and popularity among foreign tourists visiting Karafırın in Istanbul. Karafırın is now preparing to open its first Master Franchise Store in Qatar.

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