Işık University

Feyziye Schools Foundation (Feyziye Mektepleri Vakfı), whose mission is to cultivate the youth of our country through a modern educational understanding with the motto “First, a good person,” in 1996 has added Işık University to its Işık Schools. Our university, with its academic staff endowed with the Işık tradition and the prominent scientists and educators of our country, is shaping the future of our young men and women.

Işık University has adopted the principles of a flexible system, dynamism, modern infrastructure, specialization in accordance with international standards and student-centered education. The university aims to use this framework to nurture individuals who learn by researching, who have the capacity for critical thinking, who have contemporary values, who are receptive to diversity and change, and who can demonstrate leadership qualities.

Işık University holds educational activities on two campuses. The Işık University Şile campus is home to the Faculties of Arts and Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Architecture and Design, Engineering, the Research Centers and the English Language School.

The Maslak campus houses the Faculty of Fine Arts as well as the Graduate Schools, namely the Institute of Science and Engineering and the Institute of Social Sciences.

The Şile campus, with its classrooms, laboratories, library, conference halls, student dormitories, and sports facilities, all of which are equipped with the latest technology, is designed so that it can offer students a 24-hour service. The Maslak campus, with its modern classrooms, studios, conference and seminar halls, professional exhibition areas and laboratories, serves the fine arts students as well as the graduate students.

The language of instruction at Işık University is English, except for the programs in the Faculty of Fine Arts and the e-MBA program of the Institute of Social Sciences, both of which are offered in Turkish.

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