Hüseyin Rahmi Gürpınar Museum

The son of a family close to the Ottoman court, Hüseyin Rahmi Gürpınar is one of the most known and important writers of Turkish literature. He worked as a journalist and he served as a member of parliament between 1935 and 1943. His three-storey house in Heybeliada, one of the Princess Islands in the Sea of Marmara, where he lived between 1912 and 1944, was turned into a museum and opened to public in 2000. Even if you haven’t read any of his work nor have no idea about him, you may still find this house museum interesting. Only for its beautiful view it is worth visiting, but also the 1920s’ decoration of a house, the hand knitting works of him, the table where he wrote his amazing books, all are very interesting to see.

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Adalar No:19 Heybeliada 34973 Adalar, İstanbul
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