Gedik University

Gedik Education and Social Aid Foundation (GEV) of which Gedik University is a part was established by Gedik Holding to contribute to both the education of the nation and also to the development of the welding technology in Turkey on September 7, 1994.

Gedik Education and Social Aid Foundation, has accepted all the activities and initiatives in these areas as public duty. In this framework, Gedik Education and Social Aid Foundation has performed many multi dimensional efforts in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, institutions of Higher Educationand establishments of the private sector ever since it was established. Gedik Education and Social Aid Foundation has successfuly completed many projects such as schools, dormitories, vocational education centers and educational establishments which provide services for the handicapped.

Republic of Turkey Gedik University was established by the decision of the Cabinet dated April 6, 2010 under the name of “Gedik Vocational School of Higher Education” and started offering five programmes. It was reorganized under the name of “Republic of Turkey Gedik University” by the Law number 6114 which went into effect on March 3, 2011. Five faculties, Vocational School of Higher Education with its 18 programmes and Foreign Languages School of Higher Education are part of this university.

Students/Instructor ratio in our university is approximately 13. In this regard, our university is amongst the public and private universities which have the highest number of Instructors/Student ratio throughout Turkey. Our academic staff which is made up of 69 people is providing education to 180 students who attend our faculties and 720 students who attend our vocational school of higher education during the 2011 – 2012 Academic Year.

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  1. I am from Ethiopia and I am first year mechanical engineering student in university and I wanna a scholarship from your university if you have a place for me please help me thanks

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