Galata Meyhanesi

episodes without microphones every evening except Sundays, customers accompany the saz and sing together. The 4-seat saz team consisting of Violin, Law, Oud and Darbuka both entertain and have fun with their customers each evening. All the authorities are being carried out collectively from Suz-i dil to sultanagah, from hejaz to yegah.

and care are felt in every corner of the place in the business where the owners of this beautiful, stylish and clean restaurant, Işık and Bilgin İnanç, started by leaving their lawyers. In this place, which is famous for the advice of those who come to each other, the place of yoghurt chard and semolina halva in truly delicious appetisers is completely different.

The reputation of Galata, which has been mentioned many times in the visual and written media, has exceeded the continents. In The New York Times, Stephan Kinzer wrote about Istanbul taverns, “My favourite place is Galata”.

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Asmalı Mescit, Orhan Adlı Apaydın Sk. D:no 5/A, 34433 Beyoğlu
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