Focaccia is a business model that people who love to enjoy life and do by putting happiness and pure love into it.

The biggest cornerstone of success is to enjoy and be happy with the you do. That’s why Focaccia is a business model where success is not a coincidence. is also happy to be processed and served to guests in Focaccia. In 2010, we said, “Focaccia just got out of the oven.”

In 2015, we say “we did not find bakery, but we changed it and the happiest form of is Focaccia”. Our goal is to share this happy with the world. Our brand is proud to serve its guests with the most distinguished and increasingly innovative and developing understanding with this awareness and road map, by new flavor points.

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Çağlayan Kavşağı Altgeçidi No:158, 34387 Şişli
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