Dzınunt Surp Asdvadzadzni Armenian Orthodox Church

Dzınunt Surp Asdvadzadzni Armenian Orthodox Church was built in 1831 in Sakızağacı, Bakırköy. It was built at the request and need of Armenian labourers who worked at the gunpowder factory in Bakırköy and the iron factory in Zeytinburnu. They made a request to Hovahannes Dadian, the Armenian manager of the gunpowder factory, who bought land and proceeded to build a wooden church by courtesy of Sultan Selim III. The church was built with wood in 1831 and was dedicated to Saint Sarkis. However, this wooden church collapsed within a few years, and was then rebuilt with stone and opened to service on the 7th April 1844. The current church was renovated in 1999 and opened to service by Archbishop Mesrob II Mutafyan of Constantinople. Some members of Dadian family, who had a monopoly on the empire’s gunpowder industry for more than a century, were buried in the churchyard.

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Ömer Naci Sok. No: 15 34140 Bakırköy, İstanbul
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