Çekmeköy is established on the southern side of Keçiağılı Hill which is located on the south-western part of Alemdağ forests. Çekmeköy which was a neighbourhood of Ümraniye municipality before, became a district in 2009. Located next to Beykoz, Şile, Sancaktepe and Üsküdar, Çekmeköy consists of 17 neighbourhoods and 4 villages. Population is more than 140,000 and show increase day by day.

Çekmeköy was established by the support of the foundation belonging Nurbanu Sultan who was the wife of Sultan Second Selim. This village where residents were working as a lumberjacks, was founded aiming to settle on the forestland beside it. The wood was carried to Üsküdar in order to satify wood need of mosque and other foundations which were built by Nurbanu Sultan.

Till the 1990s, Çekmeköy remained as a small village but after that it became very popular area to invest, for buildings societies, because of its steady lands. As a result, numerous building complexes including large housing complexes and villas appeared to be built rapidly in this district. Intended concept for the district was to create a self-satisfying area to include many shopping malls where residents cover their needs. In addition to these facilities, sport areas, cafes, restaurants and cinema were to be opened later on.

Having large housing estates with security, Çekmeköy is preferred by people with children mostly. Additionally you may expect to find a population of university students as the campus of Özyeğin University is also located in this neighbourhood. Launched in 2011, campus gets a better one day by day providing opportunities for students. You can reach campus via buses from Üsküdar (11A) and Kadıköy (14A), plus small dolmush (dolmuş), taxies between Kadıköy-Çekmeköy and Üsküdar-Çekmeköy lines run, too.

For the general transportation, only way to get to Çekmeköy via public transportation is using bus lines as subway line is still under construction.

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