Cakes & Bakes

As a BTA family, we were established through the partnership of TAV and Bilintur to provide services at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. And since our establishment, we have favoured effective and controlled growth with our human resources and in the food and beverage sector. So we moved with firm and solid steps.

Within a few years, we have mainly transferred our services to other airports in the TAV Group. Then we laid the foundation stone for a new investment: the Cakes & Bakes production facility.

And ever since the Cakes & Bakes production facility was founded, global brands have been served from its huge production facility on a 23,000 square meter site. At this rapidly growing facility, we manufacture products not only under our own brand, but also under other global brands, and thanks to our advanced technology, we maintain our confidence in the development of new products. We offer a mentality by combining industrial production and boutique manufacturing in our body.

Besides providing production services to the world’s leading coffee, fast food and supermarket chains, some of our products are also exported to countries such as the United Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Tunisia and Macedonia. With our expertise in the frozen food sector, we can also share the quality of our with the whole world. We with care on product groups such as bakery products, cakes, bread, sandwiches, cold and hot dishes and continue to produce food solutions that meet your needs.

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