Beylerbeyi Palace

If you the Bosporus Bridge to the Anatolian side of Istanbul, the is one of the most striking buildings you will see. The palace was commissioned by Sultan Abdül Aziz (r 1861–76), and completed in 1865 by Sarkis , brother of Nikoğos ( of Dolmabahçe Palace). The architecture of this summer palace in Ottoman style is a mixture of traditional Turkish residential architecture and classical baroque. The main of the with its gardens and pools was used both as a summer palace and as a host to important and Ottoman dignitaries during the and the first years of the Republic of Turkey. If you wander around, you will really get a feeling for Sultan Abdül Aziz's passion for the sea. Frescoes with rough sea and candles with maritime theme show how much he loved the open water. There are also rooms with Japanese and Chinese art.

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Abdullahağa Cd., 34676 Beylerbeyi Üsküdar
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