Bet Yaakov Synagogue

This is the bigger of the two synagogues in the Kuzguncuk neighbourhood in Üsküdar . The Bet Yaakov is also known as Kehilla Santral (Central ) or Kal de Abaşo (Lower Synagogue) among the local population. Although it was said to be built just beside a Greek Orthodox Church in 1878, later research that this historical building could have been constructed earlier than 1878. The Bet Yaakov is open to service every Saturday and on every Jewish holiday as well as for special ceremonies like Bar-Mitzvahs, Brith Milas, Vijolas, weddings and funerals. In this synagogue, the festival is organized by the board members of the Kuzguncuk Jewish Community and the whole Jewish Community of gets to take part in the celebrations.

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İcadiye Cad. No:9 34674 Kuzguncuk, Üsküdar, İstanbul
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