Bahçeşehir University

The Slogan “At the heart of Istanbul” fits really well with Bahçeşehir University (BAU). In Beşiktaş, near the Bosphours where the main campus is located, there are almost full day activities starting from earlier in the day and it is possible to see an event in almost every corner of the university.

When you enter to university, the first thing you will see is the large number of international students. There are over 1000 foreign students from USA to China and from France to South Korea. When you asked them why you preferred BAU, the answer you will get is always the same: Its central location and international power. The location is obvious and in order to understand international activities, a small tour in our campus or in our website will be enough for you.

BAU provides its students a lot of educational opportunities in many different parts of the world under “My World Campus”. These opportunities are provided in BAU‘s own campuses and academic centers in Berlin, Toronto, Washington DC, Hong Kong, Rome, Silicon Valley and Boston. BAU abroad office provides all the support for students who are willing to continue their education abroad. In BAU it is possible to take a course related to your major, either in Istanbul, Berlin, Rome or Washington DC campuses. Also you have a chance to apply BAU summer programs in New York, political communications in Washington DC, digital media and marketing in Silicon Valley where the heart of technology beats and business world and innovation programs in Hong Kong. Besides, these summer programs are not only for BAU students, it is open to students from all over the world!

To get to BAU is really easy. There are ferries which provide free transportation to our students and professor between Beşiktaş and Galata campuses which are located at the heart of İstanbul. Our ferry departs from a little bay called BAUPORT. BAUPORT is designed totally for students’ use, it has a green area and at the end of BAUPORT you will meet with the Bosphorus. That is where our ferry departs from. It is possible to get to our Galata Campus with these ferries in certain hours of the day and you will have a pleasant journey. With this way, our students avoid the messy traffic of Istanbul and at the same time they will enjoy Bosphorus. Mainly new media studies of our communication faculty are done in Galata Campus. There are many studios in Galata from digital media to tablet publishing from digital game studio to news room where students learn the pillars of news making.

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