Rape Terror in the Middle of Istanbul

A knife-wielding assailant raped a university student in an apartment's backyard on Kadıköy Bağdat Avenue which is one of the most populated districts of Istanbul. The assailant was arrested after an operation in Pendik. It was reported the assailant was a service driver. He stated what he did was a temptation. According to the news […]

According to the news of Sedef Şenkal and Eray Erollu from Habertürk , the event occurred after midnight, the night before.

The girl was back to her house after getting off the minibus but an unknown person started to follow her. E.F.B realized she was being followed but could not find anywhere to hide, at the moment she reached the street of her house the assailant took action. The assailant attacked with a knife and covered her mouth. He then raped her in a backyard. The rapist also took E.F.B's 65 TL in her bag and her mobile phone.

The assailant E.F.B. was taken to a police station.
The assailant C.A. arrested by .

The assailant escaped. E.F.B. was taken to a station. After taking her testimony, police sent her to the Forensic Medicine Institution. The prosecution office opened an investigation. This morning the assailant was arrested in Pendik, in his house. It was reported the assailant was 34 years old, married with 2 children, and a service driver. It was also stated the assailant had involved in other crimes before such as drug use, fraud, and robbery.

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