Turkish – German University

The Turkish – German University (TGU) is a state in Istanbul, which is founded on the basis of an intergovernmental agreement between and the Federal Republic of Germany and the Turkish higher education legislation subject.

The Turkish – German aims to combine the best achievements of Turkish and German academic tradition in research and teaching. It is focused on due to their close partnership with a consortium of German universities and intensive cooperation with Turkish and German companies and institutions to create a distinctive profile in the Turkish landscape.

The Turkish – German is a research in terms of their identification and goal setting.

For who have obtained their degree in Turkish high schools, the study of the TGU is free of charge. For the remaining candidates, a study fee is payable, which is set annually by the Council and YOK veröffenlicht is also available on our website.

The TGU is a multilingual university. The language of instruction in undergraduate courses GERMAN (in Turkish and German law) in master’s and doctoral programs depending on the program you German or English. It is planned at a later date double or joint degrees (double degree or joint degree) award in cooperation with the German partner universities.

The TGU is located in the district of Istanbul Beykoz in a very scenic and quiet area. The teaching will start in the semester 2013/2014 with selected bachelor’s and master’s programs.

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Merkez Mah. Şahinkaya Cad. 86,34820 Beykoz, İstanbul
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