Turgut Vidinli

It is understood from the place that Mr. Turgut, who came from a family of three generations of Istanbul and also from Beşiktaş, is a good representative of a local culture of the neighbourhood. The place, which operates at a modest size in the face of the fish market for a long time, first expanded on its side, and soon started to serve at another point on the street next door. Mr. Turgut, who also gave his name to the tavern, made the tavern he took over from his father-in-law a frequent destination for many famous names, from Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, to rakı master Aydın Boysan, to Hilmi Yavuz. Let’s add that there is Safiye Ayla among them. He is a former amateur football player from Turgut Vidinli and is known in the entire football community since he was the manager of BJK during Süleyman Seba. Turgut Vidinli, which has a two-storey interior where the conversation mixes with the scent of wood, offers a service to its guests with one of the richest menus in the bazaar. Among the appetisers served without asking for cheese and melon. In addition, mushroom oven, leaf liver, mackerel kernel, anchovy anchovies and sea beans with sea beans are what you need to taste. The anchovy is slippery and the anchovy is recommended by the chef. Visitors to Turgut Vidinli can reach all kinds of sea fish accompanied by live chapter. Perch steamed is a favourite in this category. Meat roasting can be preferred in stew.

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Köyiçi Meydanı Sokak No:62 D:1/C, Sinanpaşa, 34353 Beşiktaş
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