Şile, a holiday district, is around 70 km away from the center. Şile borders Black , Kocaeli Province, Beykoz, Çöy and Pendik districts. During summer months, population increases 4-5 times.

Crowd-pulling town is about an hour's drive from the and always a retreat from the city. At weekends, and especially on Sundays during summer months, Şile is crowded with day-trippers from the poorest districts of the city. Consequently, beaches are overcrowded on Sundays and it's the only day Şile loses its feature of retreat. Weekdays are silent, calm and tranquil. You can lay down on beach and enjoy with your friends without being annoyed. Ağlayan Kaya and Kumbaba are most popular beaches in Şile. Others are Şile Beach, Uzunkum Beach, Ayazma Beach and Aqua beach.

Coastline of Şile is the second longest in the world.The disadvantage is that Şile shares the same condition as other Black Sea towns where strong sea undercurrents can be dangerous for swimmers. Every year, many people are drowned in peevish and merciless Black Sea. That's why, the best of all is swimming in well-known beaches. On the other hand, there are many nice coves and nice villages along the coastline.

Ağva is small holiday town located in Şile. It's between the Göksu River, a well-known for boat excursion, and Yeşilçay stream. Ağva is amazing getting away together with its natural beauty and silence. Hacılı village, only 12 km away from Ağva, is for its caves and waterfalls. If you want to arrive with trekking, Kilimli and Kadırga ways are good options. Akçakese village is hidden beauty in Şile. It's 17 km away from Şile center and on the way to Ağva. There're hostels and wooden houses or you can take your tent and have camp along the beach. Get whatever you need before going to village because it's possible not to be able to find it in village. Doğancılı and Sahilköy are other nice villages where you can have a camp on the beach.

Şile is for its cloth (Şile Bezi). It is slight, comfortable and above all it never makes you sweat. That's why it is usually used for clothes. Every July, there's a Şile Bezi festival which takes place in Şile and it's possible to see various things made from Şile Bezi.

The easiest way to go is taking (number 139) from Şemsipaşa, Üsküdar. If you have your own transport, it takes almost 45 minutes. You can go passing through Beykoz or Ümraniye.

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34980 Şile, İstanbul
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