which consists of the neighborhoods from Ümraniye and Kartal districts was founded in 2008. There're two main big neighborhoods; Sarıgazi and Samandıra. They're kinds of main element of the district. is located on Asian side of the city and its population is around 240,000 people. It neighbors Kartal,

     Sancaktepe is not even a residential area. A huge part of district is forestland so it is seen as an unearned income of the city now. Already, many constructions are underway. It won't take for district to become one of the modern parts of the city. It's one hundred per cent sure because aim of the government is to create a super modern, expensive city.

     Sancaktepe hasn't got many things to offer right now. The historical structure is Damatris . It was built during period of Tiberius Konstantinos and Mavrikos. It's very historical building from Empire. Although it was built as a resort , it became a door to Anatolia. Also, emperors who came from campaign always stopped at the palace and spent their night there before entering to capital, Constantine. While emperor and his army were staying at palace, precursors went to Constantine and prepared a welcome ceremony to emperor. Palace were destroyed in 13th century and has never been rebuilt.

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