San Marco’s Café

If you are looking for a place to go outside the usual cafes and restaurants in Bakırköy, the San Marco’s Café is just the place for you. The San Marco’s Café offers a warm resting place with high quality coffees and examples of Italian cuisine that go beyond the usual standards.

As the name suggests, Italy is the source of inspiration for space and decoration. Italy’s famous St. Mark’s Square inspired the decor and atmosphere of the place. The general atmosphere inside is Italian.

When you enter the door, you realise that you have stepped into another place. The place where we said hello in 2007, and its regulars increased day by day.

When you say what to eat and drink in San Marco’s Café, we say it right away. San Marco’s Café offers a wide range of drinks, from Turkish coffee to local coffee, special frappes from Greece and various teas. The food is good and Italian as I like it; burittos, wraps, pizza and pasta are available. The café of Bakırköy San Marco with its beautiful presentation and staff is a place where we can chat with your friends.

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Zeytinlik, Yakut Sk. 50/1, 34140 Bakırköy
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