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is known as the year when a new age began in the world history. The venue of this historical turn is . is located at the intersection of the sea route going from the north to the south and the land route going from the east to the west. When a natural inner harbour, Golden Horn, was added to this geography, an extraordinary city came into existence which has never lost its importance throughout the history.

Istanbul is located in such an important geography and when Mehmed II conquered the city, he immediately took action for the development of it. Mehmed II was educated by prominent teachers of the time such as Molla Gürani and Molla Hüsrev, and he was so wise to locate Istanbul as the capital city of the state as well as a centre of science and culture.

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak: There is no doubt that Mehmed II is one of the most important sultans of the Ottoman History. He is actually one of the sultans who changed the Ottoman State system. As he had received a solid education, he had a will strong enough to change the system. As a natural result of the Ottoman educational system, Mehmed II received his education firstly at the palace and then in the cities where he had been a shehzade under the auspices of the prominent scientists assigned to himself. He was a personality who loved reading very much; he used to interpret and comment on the books he obtained. As a matter of fact, the one standing out in terms of its existent books in both Topkapı Palace Museum Library and Süleymaniye Library that is an association of libraries is the Fatih (Mehmed II) Library. Even the examination of the books there emphasizes how much attention Fatih (Mehmed II) gives to education and sciences.

With the invitation of Mehmed II, who attached great importance to life sciences as well as religious sciences, a lot of artists and scientists living in various cities in the world from Samarkand to Venice started to come to Istanbul. Süheyl Ünver says, “Mehmed II started a great move by putting positive sciences in his madrasahs.”

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