Güneşin Sofrası Meyhane

It is nice to meet with a friend in the garden of Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center. So is saying a brewed tea and reading a newspaper. While trying to understand where the smell of linden comes from, smiling with the astonishment of the mulberry falling on your book.

It is a pleasure to meet the rich content of the NHCC program. It is also the case to witness an event for the first time for friends of Nazım. With kids running around, NHCC is another place with its arrogant cats that remind every guest to host.

She shared her ten years with her friends of Nazım, sharing that it is the place of another culture, honesty and goodness, and how important it is to be worthy of Nazım.

Nowadays, there is something else in NHCC. A “tavern” has been opened for the part of the friendly talks that hang on the night.

“Güneşin Sofrası” was opened, where the words of two words will be broken among friends and the taste will increase the taste of sincere conversations.

We are about to meet at “Güneşin Sofrası” with its efforted appetisers, examples from different cuisines with great delicacy, friendly service that doesn’t make us forget where we are, masterful surprise flavors that don’t fall into the trap of popularity.

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