Located in between Küçükçekmece and Büyükçekmece Lake, Esenyurt resides in the northern part of the city right next to Beylikdüzü. Esenyurt looks like an exemplary of a usual village in Anatolia which is poorly planned. You may expect to find very tall apartments one side and shanty houses on the other side.

Inhabited by the working class people and their families, Esenyurt's population is highly composed of people from Eastern and North eastern side of Turkey. Like the other districts nearby, urbanization level of is very low and that culture haven't evolved yet.

According to many residents of the city, Esenyurt is Turkish Texas referring to rate of . Harassment, seizure, robbery are couple of them which residents of the districts are having problems.

Transportation is again a problem in this part of the city. Although there is a line of metrobus passing through E-5 , to get to any in district requires to get on another . As a lack of design of transportation routes, again buses and dolmushes (dolmuş) get very crowded which makes it very hard to get on any of these at busy hours.

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34510 Esenyurt, İstanbul
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