Borusan Contemporary Art Museum

Yusuf Ziya Pasha also known as Perili Köşk which translates to “Haunted ” was designed in Rumeli Hisarı in 1911. After restoration works by Hakan Kıran between 1995 and 2000, Perili Köşk started to serve as one of the headquarters of Borusan Holding. On 12th December 2010, it was announced that Perili Köşk would house a contemporary named Borusan Contemporary. Opened to the public in 2011, it is Turkey’s first office museum. This red brick is located in Rumeli Hisarı at the foot of Fatih Sultan Bridge on the European shores. It consists of 9 floors above ground level with a gross floor area of around 5,000 m2. Being that it is an office turned space of Borusan Holding, the museum is only open to the public on weekends when the staff is not working. All the areas of the building are open to visitors during visits and these include; the office floors, meeting rooms and even the CEO’s office! The temporary exhibitions along with Borusan Holding’s fine of contemporary art is a sight for those with an interest in contemporary art. One of the most prominent examples of Istanbul’s Cultural Heritage due to its architecture, the building housing the museum is a replica of art. When you think you’re done with the lovely office spaces which double as art galleries, one can soak up the views of the Bosphorus and the bridge from the terrace.

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Baltalimanı Hisar Cad. Perili Köşk No:5 34470 Rumeli Hisarı, Sarıyer, İstanbul
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