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As 90’s kids there are two quotes remind us the same man every time we hear. “10 points, 10 points, 10 points…” which was the man says every time when he needs to grade children whom attended to his talk show and “81300 Moda” which is said at the end of his legendary TV show. Barış Manço, beside of his music career, he was warming whole Turkish people’s hearts with his TV show named “from 7 to 77”. As we can realise from its name this show addressed the age of 7 to 77. That’s what Barış Manço does in every area he works on. This TV show achieved 378 episodes on TV from 1988 to 1998. And it all ended with the same saying of his:

You can write to me anytime, address is
Barış Manço 81300 Moda.

This article is about 81300 Moda.


As he said it was just his address. People were making letters rain to his house and he was reading all of them without getting bored. Because he was kind of man who cares a lot what public thinks about him and his show. Because he was one of the best public figures of Istanbul and Moda.

Barış Manço Museum
Barış Manço Museum

His mansion, which is museum at the moment, has its history before Manço buys it. In the time between 1895 and 1900 British man Mr. Dawson asked Pape Kalfa to build two same mansions, one for himself and one for his son in Moda/Kadıköy. After living in peace for long time the one which is built for the son is demolished and apartment blocks took over its place. In those times when kiosks and mansions were turning into apartments Mr. Dawson sold his mansion to a German family and returned back to his country. After changing its owners many times until 1965 the mansion is sold to last man before Manço buys it: James Whittall. For long time it was called “Whithall kiosk” but in 1984 Barış Manço bought it from one of the last members of Whittall family and restored and used that until his death.

Barış Manço had been used this mansion in many ways. He was living there with his wife and two sons but at the same time he had his own studio in the house. He was editing his TV show nights and days at this studio. Also he filmed some of his music videos inside. For example the indoor parts of the song called Balböceği is filmed in this mansion. Most bottom floor is a dungeon itself and there is one greenhouse inside of the building.

The day no one calls your name is the day you are actually leaving this world.


Manço said when reporter asked his thoughts about death once. Thus having this house as a museum was his one of the biggest dreams. His sudden death on 1999 devastated whole Turkey. Thousands went out to streets and mourned all together.


Barış Manço Funeral
A Picture from his funeral, thousands of people leaving their work and occupying İstanbul for him – February 1st 1999



Of course these people wouldn’t let him down and do whatever it takes to make his wish come true. People made demonstrations to have his house as a museum but it was impossible at the beginning. Because when he passed away he had a big debt to a bank. So bank had his house sequestrated after some trials. But public did not care and keep demonstrating and protesting this. After many fights and facts happened government took responsibility and made an agreement with the bank. In the end on June 9th 2010, 11 years later of his death, the mansion opened to public as a museum.

Today museum is open every day except Mondays between 09:00-17:00. It is 4 Turkish Lira for students 6 liras for adults. Museum is having a lot of visitors since it’s opened. Beside the Turkish people, people from Japan, Belgium and Turkmenistan are having the most visits.


Barış Manço
Barış Manço

When you got in the museum 1/1 sized wax museum of Manço is greeting you next to his own piano. And inside of the rooms you can have a look at his camera and porcelain collection. Also there are many items of Manço is on display like his rings, his dresses… And in one of the rooms you can get amazed of his award collection which includes many awards from all around the world.

So here our Barış Brother is waiting you all in his awesome museum. Do not make him wait so long 🙂

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