Bahçelievler, meaning ‘houses with garden’, is a very common name for districts, neighbourhoods and villages in Turkey. In the past, all the houses in this district were single-floor houses with gardens so Bahçelievler gets its name from those houses.

During Byzantium period, the name of Bahçelievler was Hebdomon and it was an important area because emperors of Byzantium Empire were crowned in the churches located in Hebdomon. Avios, Evangelistis and Ionnis were the churches where emperors were crowned. Besides, military quarter of Byzantium Army was located in here. Although history of the district dates back to Byzantium period, it’s very hard to find historical buildings around Bahçelievler. The main reason for that is the district lost its importance after fall of Constantinople by Ottomans.

Bahçelievler reawakened after 1960s as a consequent of business investments. The first industrial estates were established in Bahçelievler. Then, as couple of other big companies moved to the district, population increased. This increase in population caused more houses to be built, new stores to be opened and as a result causing area to expand fast. Unlike other districts of city, planned urbanization gave a calm and peaceful character to district.

Bahçelievler is holds many educational buildings and important companies within its borders. There are 4 universities; Marmara University Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences Campus, Kültür University Şirinevler Campus, Aydın University Prep School and Dentistry Faculty, and Kadir Has University English Prep School are located in the district.

Economical character of Bahçelievler is also very essential. First industrial estate and first Coca-Cola factory in Turkey were established in here. Kuyumcukent, literally meaning ‘the city of jeweller’, houses many jewellery stores. MetroPort AVM, Metro Cash&Carry Merter, Koçtaş Yenibosna, Wedding World AVM (Kuyumcukent), Ömür Plaza and Eskidji Bit Bazaar are other shopping malls and important buildings for economy of the district.

Urban transportation is very well organized in district. Metro, metrobus and buses provide an easy access to the central part of Istanbul.

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