Aynalıkavak Pavilion

Aynalıkavak Pavilion

Aynalıkavak (Aynalıkavak Kasrı), known as “The Palace”, is one of the hidden gems of in the heart of Istanbul. It was named after the mirrors gifted to the Ahmed III and the popular trees that embellish the gardens where they situated in. A veiled jewel of Ottoman Empire located nearby the famous Blue Mosque in the Hasköy region on the northern bank facing the in Beyoğlu District.

The Pavilion of Aynalıkavak dates back to 16th century, as stated by the famous Ottoman traveller Evliya Çelebi. It was built by Admiral Halil Paşa in 1613. Also known as Has Bahçe in earlier 19th century it later Aynalıkavak House and presently known as the Aynalıkavak Kasrı. The Pavilion during the Tulip Era, (Lâle Devri) was a venue for hosting entertainment events which later as of today turned into being called the of Instruments at its basement.

The garden of the Aynalıkavak Pavilion
The garden of the Aynalıkavak Pavilion

The magnificent Aynalıkavak Pavilion ingenious structure was originally constructed during the reign of Ottoman Selim III (1789-1807), thus during the reign of Mahmut II (1808-1839) it was first reformed and then restoration and reformation work was carried out during the period of Sultan (1839-1861). This imperial palace is the place where the agreement between Russia and Ottoman Empire was signed and is known as the Aynalıkavak Agreement. It was the reign of Sultan Ahdulhamid I in 1784.

Aynalıkavak pavilion beautifully depicts the work of Ottoman baroque as one of the rare illustrations of the untainted Ottoman devise not influenced by the European while being topped with a magnificent dome and an elegant looking roof. The pavilions serene gardens give a relief from the crowded scenery of the city. The Pavilion constructed on a slope with a nice assortment of trees overlooking its garden give a sense of release as you enter the pavilion through the porch while passing through into the ample hall.

Aynalıkavak Music Room
Aynalıkavak Music

The interior of the Aynalıkavak Pavilion is cautiously preserved and splendidly decorated giving you the ambiance of Turkish Culture with its lofty walls and elevated ceilings, a divan , tainted glasses, silk covered couches and a Sultan Selim III’s poem engraved on one of the blue tinted walls. The Pavilion insignificant exterior has sea-side façade on three floors while land façade sits on two floors.

The place serves as a Palace- and Turkish Music Research Center house but still a place in the city where you can enjoy peaceful sight of nature away from the fuss of the city.

Practical information:

Located in Aynalıkavak Caddesi in Haskoy. The pavillion can be visited between 9am – 4pm and closed on Monday and Thursday. The nicest way to go to Aynalıkavak Pavilion is by ferryboat, getting off at the Haskoy dock. Then, you walk up the hill to the palace almost 800 meters. Several city bus lines seve the Aynalıkavak stop right in front of the pavillion. Bus 36T takes you from Beyoglu, buses 47, 47C and 47E comes from Eminönü.

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Aynalıkavak Cad. 34445 Hasköy, Beyoğlu, İstanbul
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