İstanbul Gets New Bicycle Routes

İSPARK (İstanbul Parking Operation) has made actual the new bicycle roads in the route of Kadıköy-Kartal coast road, and the Florya-Yeşilköy bicycle road will be put into service in April. The Florya-Yeşilköy route will be...

İSPARK (İstanbul Parking

In the Asian side of Istanbul, İSPARK will put 3 new stations into service in the Maltepe distinct in the Bostancı-Kartal route. Thus, the number of stations in Kadıköy-Kartal route will be increased to 13, and 30 more bicycle will be available for this route. Totally, 130 bicycles and 13 stations will be put into service after the commissioning of 3 new stations in Maltepe.

According to the declarations of Nurettin Korkut, the general manager of İSPARK, Smart Bicycle System would be available in appropriate locations upon request of .

How the Smart Bicycle System Works?

The system provides service in two ways. Citizens can either rent bicycles by using their credit cards or by buying a commutation ticket in İSPARK parking lots located on bicycle routes. To rent a bicycle by , cyclists have to sign up to get their 8-digit password from the system. Afterwards, they can rent a bicycle from any station by clicking the “Bisiklet Kirala (Rent a Bicycle)” button. To rent a bicycle by commutation ticket, cyclists have to buy their tickets from either İSPARK parking lots on bicycle routes or from İSPARK will send commutation tickets to citizens' addresses.

Photo Credits: Eser Karadağ

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