Rumeli Kale Cafe & Restaurant

Our shop was originally built in 1982 as a pastry shop and by the end of 1983 it had become one of the most popular places in the Bosphorus thanks to our delicious biscuits, cakes and above all pastries with spinach.

With the demand of our guests, our shop began to take its first steps towards breakfast, offering the most basic elements of breakfast such as tomatoes, cheese and cucumbers, as well as pastries with spinach, rolls, savoury buns and Turkish bagel, served with tea.

We have started to expand our menu with the advantage and responsibility of being the first of its kind on the Bosphorus or even in Istanbul. In addition to the classic cheese, olive and bread breakfast, we have added various types of Turkish pancakes, menemen and various types of pastries such as paçanga böreği and çiğ börek. We have tried to design our menu according to the customer’s opinion without going outside the framework of the traditional breakfast. Honey, Turkish cream and halloumi cheese in butter have become the unchanging taste of our mixed breakfast.

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Rumeli Hisarı Mahallesi, Yahya Kemal Cd. No:10, 34470 Sarıyer
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