Ohel Yaakov (Burgazada) Synagogue

The Ohel Yaakov Synagogue is located on the Burgaz Island (Burgazada). The Burgaz Island is the third largest of the Princes’ Islands in the Sea of the Marmara. Because of a lack of a large Jewish community on the Burgaz Island, a few Jews used to gather in one of the homes to worship. In the early 1960s, the number of Jewish people on the island increased thus leading to Chief Rabbi David Asseo making an application to the government for the construction of a synagogue on the Island. After obtaining permission, the synagogue was built in 1968. The synagogue was named in honour of Yaakov Mazo who made a great effort in the construction of the synagogue on the Island. It belongs to the Neve Shalom Synagogue Foundation and it is open for service only during the summer.

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Burgazadası, Kış Bahçesi Sk. No:9, 34975 Adalar
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