MMY Tantuni

M.M.Y. Children of Mevlüt Şimşek are derived from the initials of Muhammet, Mert and Yağmur. Mevlüt is the protagonist of a success story that began in 1987 with his arrival in Mersin. In 1998, it became a brand in Istanbul called MMY Tantuni by integrating Tantuni into his professional experience and knowledge. Mevlüt Bey said that he learned all the subtleties of his profession by working in all the areas of the sector where he started washing dishes and that he provided information by sharing his knowledge with the staff of 60 people in 6 branches under the brand name MMY Tantuni. Mevlüt describes it as an introduction to the human health of MMY Tantuni, the ultimate goal of the brand in the foreground to keep Tantuni in Turkey and the world. Customers from MMY’N The most important feature is the acceptance as their family members. A good alternative to those who are looking for a Tantuni change in a city where all sides are filled with good and bad kebabs. Tantuni is a good alternative to those who are looking for change.

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