Maltepe is on the Asian side, between Kadıköy and Pendik districts. Maritime district consists of 18 neighborhood and population is around 450,000. Seaside of district is very nice area for entertainment, relaxing and living. Along the seaside, there’s walking, cycle paths and around paths is planted well. There’re also some cafes where you can spend a good time. On the opposite side of the road, there’re fast-food cafes, theater and shopping malls along the street.

In Byzantine times, the area was known as Bryas. The emperor Theophilos built there as a place in Arabic style, inspired by the palaces of the Abbasids in Baghdad. Orhan Gazi, second sultan of Ottomans, conqured Maltepe. During Ottoman period, Maltepe was used as a second stop for Ottoman Army before the first stop Üsküdar. Fatih Sultan Mehmet,the conqueror of Constantine, died in Maltepe when he was taking the army from Üsküdar to Gebze.

Maltepe is divided into two parts. The neighborhoods which are located above E-5 road are undeveloped areas. They are almost suburbs where thre are plenty of shanty houses and inhabited by rurals and working class. Property prices are low, there are not many cultural or entertainment places. Other parts of the district which are below E-5 road are fancy areas. There are many nice cafes, restaurants along the coastline. Küçükyalı which is located along the coastline is most expensive part of the district. Küçükyalı coastline is also relaxing and entertainment area for residents of the district. Küçükyalı Hamamı and Yayla Sanat Merkezi (Yayla Art Center) are other features of the district.

Maltepe can be regarded as an educational area. Yeditepe University, Acıbadem University, Maltepe University, Istanbul Ticaret University Küçükyalı Campus, Okan University Maltepe Campus are located within the borders of Maltepe district. Consequently, Maltepe is inhabited by numerous students. But still, social life of district is not really lively. Easy access to Kadıköy from Maltepe is the main reason for this situation.

Buses, minibuses, dolmuş, metro are main transports which provide access to Maltepe. Although there’s no problem to go anywhere in Asian side from Maltepe, going to European side may take some time. If you want to reach Taksim from Maltepe, you have to go to Bostancı or Kadıköy in order to get the second transport to Taksim.

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