Kozmonot Pub

In 2014, Kozmonot, the neighbourhood pub in the space concept, which was created by combining the forces of Architect Göksu Şener and Advertiser Zümre Humbaracıbaşı, was first located in Topağacı. For those who could not find what they were looking for in the streets of Bomonti, the second branch of the Kozmonot Pub was opened for Bomonti.

Kozmonot managed to be the place that places the space air on the streets of Istanbul. Of course, it is a place to visit not only to discover the spirit of Apollo 11, but also with international beers, assertive cocktails and delicious dishes. You will take Kozmonot among your favourites by trying the practical and satisfying world flavours suitable for any hour of the day accompanying the assertive signature cocktails.

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Teşvikiye, Poyracik Sk No:9-A, 34365 Şişli
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