It opened in October 1996 in Kadıköy and was soon accepted as an alternative place and led the entertainment life of Kadıköy and Istanbul. With its décor and music, it created a language and gained a strong audience by having its voice heard not only on the Anatolian side but also throughout Istanbul.

The concept programs of Bahadır Dilbaz, Karga’s music director, and Karga, who offer a different musical selection every night of the week, with alternative performances prepared each month by guest DJs. This is the first place in the country where a different DJ performs every day and is announced with a monthly program.

One of the four-storey buildings, designed during the construction period by the architects of the station Haydarpaşa, uses the entire interior decoration and the space created from living objects complements its original position. While the first three floors of the five-storey building are supported by a mezzanine, the fourth and fifth floors are used by KargART, a multi-purpose room for cultural art, which will open its doors in May 2001 with the exhibition in May 2001, with an intensive programme. KargART, which held many mixed and personal exhibitions until 2004, was able to create a multipurpose structure with its short films, documentary and anime screenings, performing arts, performance arts and slide shows. Since 2007 KargART has been giving concerts and stage performances in the multipurpose hall, which supports alternative arts and young artists. All events in KargART, which are characterised by the idea of supporting art and artists, are carried out without commercial purpose. Film screenings etc. It is free of charge. For live performances, tickets are sold on the basis of the artists’ income. KargART strives to create a comfortable cultural-artistic environment that corresponds to its followers and, with its constantly renewed structure and many projects waiting to be realised, offers a more satisfactory programme at any time of year.

Since January 2007 the monthly art and life culture magazine Kargamecmua has been published as 11 issues and distributed free of charge. Kargamecmua has been published as a magazine that awaits the people of Istanbul with curiosity and a bold readership in 7.5 years, with all kinds of music, all kinds of fine arts, the philosophy of everyday life and the line on the street. And even the demands are distributed to Ankara, İzmir and Eskişehir. The concerts started in October 2010 in KargART Hall and became a boutique concert hall in Kadıköy under the brand Canlı Karga. Live concerts in the crowded season around 50-60 in the world famous names from the music we want to support the young musicians who want to support their own music are many valuable names.

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