İstanbul Şehir University

İstanbul Şehir University rose with an academic pursuit which has directed the Foundation for Sciences and Arts since 1986. İstanbul Şehir University, which took the road as a real “foundation university”, started its actual foundation works in 2007.

The University gained “institutional identity” in May 31, 2008 and went into action in its contact office in Tophane in June 1, 2008. During this process, under the leadership of “Research-Development Group” which gathered a strong, young and dynamic academic community, discussions were brought up relating the unique values that the University is to put forth in view of production and dissemination of information and the problems it may face.

Considering the importance of intellectual discussion and exchange of ideas, deep interviews have took place with the figures ho are competent and strong in their field, in order to build the university model in accordance with the needs of the academic world and the community, in which it was born, believing that right questions are more real than quick replies. Within this context, negotiations have been made with the names as Ahmet Davutoğlu, Akşin Somel, Fahri Aral, Teresa Doğuelli, Abdülkerim Kar, İsmail Erünsal, Nabi Avcı, Nüzhet Dalfes, Ensar Gül, Bahattin Akşit, Elisabeth Özdalga, Fethi Çalışır, Ayşe Ayçiçeği, Tayfun Atay, Halil Berktay, İskender Savaşır, Orhan Tekelioğlu, Gencer Özcan, Edibe Sözen, Cemal Kafadar, Nezih Erdoğan, Mustafa Aydın, Mithat Çelikpala, Suavi Aydın, Fuat Keyman, Mehmet Öz, Zeynep Direk, Levent Köker, Zafer Toprak, Mustafa İsen, Meliha Altunışık, Doğan Özlem, Ersin Kalaycıoğlu, Ali Fuat Bilkan, Mete Tunçay, Süleyman Seyfi Öğün, İlhan Kutluer, Kayahan Özgül, Süha Oğuzertem, Ömer Torlak, Ekrem Tatoğlu, Serdar Sayan, Sibel Arkonaç, Ziya Öniş, Haldun Evrenk, Seyfettin Gürsel, Kemal Madenoğlu, Nihat Erdoğmuş, Gültekin Yıldız, Nurullah Genç, Ömer Faruk Akyol ve Murat Güvenç.

In addition to the thorough interviews made with these figures, Research and Development Group continued to discuss which disciplines in the university must be represented by what kind of structure, actors and processes and, accordingly, prepared “foundation reports” for different departments so as to form a basis for the subsequent academicorganization of the University. The writing process of foundation report was followed by the preparation of the strategic report of the University and within this context, a “search conference” has been held with the participation of fifty prominent figures from different occupational and social groups for the first time in May 2009.

In the following June and July, the preparation of “İstanbul Şehir University Strategic Plan” was completed. Furthermore, the University has started to carry out architectural works on “İstanbul Şehir University, Dragos Campus” as of May 2009.

İstanbul Şehir University, which aims at contributing to the production and dissemination of heuristic information met its first students in 2010- 2011 Academic Year, with its unique, participatory, universal and liberal perspective and flourishing team. İstanbul Şehir University continues its activities in Altunizade East and Altunizade West Campus, under the roof of 6 colleges and 2 graduate schools.

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