Litros was the Greek name of the village before it was named as Esenler. Interchange between Greece and Turkey in 1924 changed a lot about district. After Greek residents left for Greece, it became a new home for Turks moving from Macedonia. Population was around 800 during 1940s. After 1970s it raised more as Esenler became a home for migrants from Anatolia. After a huge migration wave, population increased to 150,000 in 1985 and continued to raise till today up to 450,000. This rapidly increasing population caused many problems to evolve within district.

Unfortunately Esenler grown up so unplanned, without taking any urbanization and cultural development issues into mind. Migrants who try to survive were forced find their own ways in this high speed evolution. Still today crime rate is pretty high in this district even though it’s located very close to the city centre. Not hard to guess, you better not expect any social life or cultural activity in this part of the city. Esenler is the other face of Istanbul which is not mentioned in commercials.

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34220 Esenler, İstanbul
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