Doğuş University

Doğuş has devoted itself to education for almost half a century. Both the Doğuş Educational Institution and Doğuş University train the future with the strength that it takes from its past as the pioneer of initiatives and innovations.

Established in 1974, The Doğuş High School now gives education at the level of an Anatolian High School. Following the high school, the primary school, Acıbadem Kindergarten, the science high school and Çamlıca Kindergarten were also established. With the quality education approach from kindergarten through university, Doğuş University is the last link in this chain.

Doğuş University, which was established by the Doğuş Educational Institution in 1995 and opened by the Law dated 9th July 1997 and numbered 4281 enacted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, is a foundation university with a public entity whose first motive is not making profit.

Doğuş University with its rapid academic progress has gained a successful place in higher education in a short time. It has 27 undergraduate programs in the departments, 11 associate degree programs in the vocational school, 18 graduate programs and 7 doctorate programs in two institutes. In addition to these, Continuing Education Center was established with the life long learning approach in 2001.

Doğuş University whose priority is to give quality education with its distinguished academics, train fully qualified students and contribute to the world of science has been developing with these goals for 15 years. The importance given to the quality in education ensures Doğuş University to increase its success and gain a place among the best in the objective rankings done by different sources. As the two important examples, Web of Science data and URAP reports show that Doğuş University is ranked among the best 2000 universities in the world and among the best 3 foundation universities (without a medical school) in Istanbul. The graduates of Doğuş University continuing their careers not only in Turkey but also abroad and succeeding in consistent and pioneer works in their fields are seen as the result completing this success.

Students graduating as fully qualified, intellectual, self confident, responsible people and as people who can follow and analyze the developments in their country and the world and who are socially sensitive and as people with an ethical approach are Doğuş University’s most important asset. We are proud of progressing in this way with the goal of serving humanity and always investing in people.

Thinking that the future is entrusted to the youth and the youth is entrusted to education, we continue to train enlightened generations.

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