Çukur Meyhane

Çukur Meyhane keeps watch at the entrance of a street with a large row of cafes, bars and restaurants in Galatasaray, on one of the parallel streets of İstiklal Street. The shop, which remains in the “pit” like its name, has an old Istanbul tavern taste. It is a place with its theatre, academician and musician. When this is the case, his conversation is also very clear. Çukur did not compromise the shabby atmosphere in a well-modernised pub environment, it established a level and honest relationship with its customers: For example, rakı that you couldn’t finish was written on your name and stored for your next arrival.

An important reason for the high number of regulars is the reasonable fee paid for their extremely delicious appetisers and meals. Green salad with prawns with roquefort sauce and pomegranate, mackerel with sauce, anchovy with sauce, roasted eggplant, and baked halva or soufflé. Sea bass and anchovy skewers are famous. Their meatballs, skewers and grills are also popular. “It is forbidden not to eat anchovy in the season. It is a shame not to drink rakı! ” accepted. The location is very demanding, the size is small, so reservation is a must. Closed on Sundays.

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